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Stronger than a hiking boot. Softer than a slipper.

Some shoes protect your feet. Other shoes pamper them. Only one does both! Meet the all-new Hypersoft Sneakers. Made especially for women's feet with a patented three-way Arch Support System that makes every step comfortable and powerful.

  •  Protect and Pamper. Made for women's feet, with a molded rubber outsole with soft heel air-cushion distributes pressure for softer, pain-free walking.
  •  Lace-Free. The soft, weave-knit fabric wraps around your foot without needing laces.
  •  Light & Easy. Rely on the durable, air-cushioned outsole with premium non-slip rubber for all-day walking.
  •  Animal Friendly. Sustainably produced using only vegan materials, no animal products are ever used in our shoes. 


Silky soft, breezy walking.

  • Experience indulgent comfort, a cheeky height boost, and stable bounce on from heel to toe.
  • Maintain great grip with the anti-slip molded outsole, even on tough terrain.
  • Forget you’re wearing them, even after being on your feet all day.

Because with bad shoes, each step gets more painful.

    • Plenty of research has gone into how we can better protect our feet against the pace of our modern lives.
    • A study by The National Center for Biotechnology Information in America [I] found that in women, compared to average shoes, those who wore good shoes in the past were 67% less likely to report foot pain.
    • Would you be happy to take the risk?

Start your journey to joyful feet here.

    • Use our size chart to make sure you get a perfect size.
    • Take your first steps in the weave-knit fabric, as the shoes conform to your shape.
    • Over time, you will only feel the shoes become more and more comfortable as the relationship between you and your new Hypersofts begins to blossom.
    • If in doubt about size, make sure to go one size up and remember, there is always our returns policy!

Hypersoft Sneakers at a glance

  • Molded rubber outsole for grip
  • Weave knit upper for breathability
  • Visible air-cushioned sole for softer steps
  • 1.96" heel height boost
  • Available in 8 colorways


Durable and soft suede leather upper which can withstand years of wearing.
  • Guarantee 100% environmental material, no hurt to animals.
  • Occasion: Holiday, Daily
  • Closure: Slip-On
  • Accents: Embroidery
  • Feature: Breathable, Height Increasing